• 13/06/2024 17:18

The Ministry of Defense won arbitrations for more than 108 million hryvnia

The decisions concern foreign economic contracts for the supply of clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

International arbitration made two decisions, which awarded funds totaling 2.7 million US dollars (approximately 108 million hryvnia) to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. How informs the Ministry of Defense, the decisions relate to foreign economic agreements for the supply of clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“According to the concluded agreements, the Ministry of Defense fully fulfilled its obligations and paid the cost of the goods on time. However, none of the foreign suppliers delivered the goods on time. Moreover, some contractors did not deliver part of the goods paid for under the contract,” – added the defense department.

Therefore, the ministry turned to international arbitration to recover the cost of undelivered goods and penalties for late delivery.

Also, the Ministry of Defense also demanded the recovery of annual interest for the use of funds.

“The arbitration satisfied the claims of the Ministry of Defense, and now funds for undelivered goods must be immediately returned to the department. Moreover, the arbitration ordered foreign suppliers to pay interest that continues to accrue on the funds until they are returned to the Ministry of Defense,” the ministry added.

It is noted that the Ministry of Defense monitors the fulfillment of obligations by suppliers so that the Ukrainian army receives all types of support in a timely manner and of proper quality. “At the same time, the Ministry of Defense is taking all legal measures to protect rights and interests in relations with unscrupulous suppliers,” the Ministry of Defense noted.


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