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“The scale of the ruins is pathetic.” After the depletion of the Tripilska TPP “Centrenergo” spent all generation

Through the massive Russian attack of the 11th quarter, the entire generation of Centerenergo was depleted. The main reason for this is the destruction of the Tripilska TES.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in response to a statement from Centerenergo on Facebook.

The company called this day “black” in the history of Centerenergo .

“As a result of today’s massive attack, our entire generation has been devastated. The Russian military has completely destroyed the Trypilska TPP, which is in the Kiev region. Good, all of ours, who were under the hour of shelling to change “I'm alive. Let us still be in pain…” – go to the news .

As they were appointed to “Centrenergo”, as a result of the accident, the fire at the turbine shop became widespread. Fire localization robots are preventing infection at the enterprise.

“The scale of the collapse is pitiful. You can't put a price on it. This is the biggest cry for us in the entire history of enterprise. If there are changes, we will cope with it,” said Andriy Gota, the head of the supervisor for the PJSC “Centrenergo”.

The company remembers that on June 22, 2024, the Zmiivska TPP was reclaimed in the Kharkiv region, and on June 25, 2022, the Russian Federation occupied the Vuglegirska TPP in the Donetsk region.

” As of today, PJSC “Centrenergo” spent 100 thousand rubles generation,” stated the company.

Depletion of Tripilska TES

It is clear that today, under the hour of a massive night attack, Russia has completely destroyed the Tripilska TES, which was dismantled in the Kiev region. As a result, a great fire broke out there, and the cadres actively began to post in the margins. The locality of Ukraine, where the station is located, calls on the people to close the windows in the booths so as not to breathe in wasteful smoke.

It is significant that Tripilska TES is the most important power station in Kiev in every region and was the largest supplier of electricity in Kiev, Cherkaska and Zhytomyr region.

Russian Federation's overnight attack on Ukraine

As RBC-Ukraine wrote, today Russia launched 82 air attacks (attack drones and missiles) across Ukraine, and the PPO forces managed to hit 57 targets.

The target of Putin's troops, as in the forward attack, was the Ukrainian energy infrastructure. In this regard, energy facilities in the Kharkiv, Zaporizkaya, Lviv, and Kiev regions were identified. As DTEK has informed, two thermal power plants have been damaged.

For more details about the legacy of the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine, read the RBC-Ukraine article for assistance.

Terms and important information about the war Russia is against Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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