• 23/06/2024 20:52

The NBU has again raised the official dollar exchange rate, the euro reaching its maximum

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has increased the exchange rate of the dollar to the hryvnia. The dollar has become more expensive after the decline in the past.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as posted on the regulator’s website.

The official exchange rate for May 15, 2024 is set at the following level: 39.6799 UAH for 1 dollar (+0.0603 UAH).


The euro exchange rate becomes 42.8305 hryvnia for 1 euro (+0.0810 UAH) . This is a historical maximum. Vishche course buv lishe 10 travnya – 42.8148 UAH/euro.


The exchange rate for the Interbank Bank today decreased by 6 kopecks to 39.64-39 ,66 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) adjusted from closing on the previous day.


On the ready-to-eat market, the exchange rate increases by 10 kopecks to 40.05 UAH /dollar.

Forecast for the exchange rate

As Taras Lisovy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, noted from the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, the current year may appear to be in full force, invoking further terms of the NBU before the liberalization of the market and and devaluation of the hryvnia.

In other words, the currency corridors on the Interbank Bank and the ready-to-drink market will be deprived by a significant amount: apparently 39-40 UAH/Dollar and 39-41 UAH/Dollar.

The banker predicts that the average The winter premiums will be in the range of 1.5-2% of the starting rate of the year.

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