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The occupiers are campaigning for support from Crimea to the Yunarmiya, – CNS

In the hourly occupied Crimea, a militarization campaign is flaring up in the middle of the war iv. Propaganda is being carried out in sports sections and in initial deposits.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via submissions to the website of the Center for National Opposition (CNS).

Russian government is actively recruiting young people to participate in national clubs , zokrema to Yunarmiya. The occupier promises the members of the clubs advantages in the entry campaign.

So, over the past river, about 100 participants of the Yunarmiya reached the lava of the armored forces of Russia and went to fight against Ukraine and not all of them will turn back before home, some also wanted to continue their career at military VNZ.

The Center of National Opposition calls on them to ignore militaristic grouped enemies and not to succumb to the influx, so as not to harm their future.

Actions of Russian rule in the occupied territories Iyah

Earlier we wrote that Russian power It is hoped that students from the occupied territories of Ukraine will take part in the so-called “presidential elections” by guards.

Their duties will include falsification of voting results. The occupation administration in the Ukrainian territories has already sent plans to the “universities” for a number of students to participate in the “election work”.

Kozhen “university” may select students who will be received as “sposterigachi”. Then they will be instructed to carry out further manipulations and falsification.

In addition, officers of the Russian Federation Surveillance Department are searching for initial mortgages in the time-consuming occupied territories of the Kherson region from a method for identifying informants and “disloyal” students. Occupiers are in search of subs that can be combined with the Defense Forces to reclaim buried territories. Russian representatives visit colleges and schools and conduct “preventive conversations” with students.

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