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Ministry of Justice: The International Register of Damage will be opened in April for applications from victims

Instructions will be developed for victims on how to submit such applications.

Ministry of Justice: The International Register of Losses for applications from victims will be opened in April

Deputy Minister of Justice Irina will open for applications from victims in April this year.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Justice Irina Mudra, Ukrinform reports.

She noted that the registry secretariat will collect applications, process them, systematize, group and enter them into the appropriate sections. At the same time, the first category of the registry will be launched in April. We are talking about the part concerning damage and damage caused to individuals who lost their housing.

“Through the “Action” application, you can also submit an application and receive compensation for destroyed or damaged property. This base has already been formed in our Ukrainian system, and it can be easily transferred to the international registry,” Mudra said.

The deputy minister also said that instructions would be developed for victims on how to submit an application. So far it is known that there will be two languages ​​to choose from – Ukrainian and English, and in the appropriate form you will need to select “yes” or “no” from the proposed statements.

You will also have to download the relevant evidence to the registry. Mudra said that we are talking about examinations, testimony, police reports, criminal case materials and any supporting documents.

Act as an intermediary between national registries and the international “Action”.

Currently establish cooperation between the international registry and existing registries in Ukraine, which also keep records of damaged and destroyed property so that this data can be used to verify applications.

The Ministry of Justice predicts that hundreds of thousands of applications will be received under the first category. At least, about 500 thousand applications for compensation have already been recorded in the Ukrainian registry.

In this case, not only material damage will be taken into account, but also harm caused to personal integrity and health. Ukrainians will also be able to contact the registry regarding the loss of their loved ones due to war or in war. Forcibly deported or internally displaced persons or those who left Ukraine will also be able to use the register.

Then new categories will be added to the registry. For example, for the state and legal entities. Then a commission will appear that will process this information and, based on it, will decide on the amount of compensation.

The wise one said that in order to create such a commission, a multilateral international agreement is needed, which must be signed by the states and ratified by the parliaments of the signatory countries. Then the registry will cease to function and become part of the commission when it is created.

“Our ambitious goal is for the draft agreement on the international compensation commission to be agreed upon by the end of this year. It will take some more time to sign it and then to ratify it,” added the Deputy Minister of Justice and expressed her opinion that the signatories will be the same states that have committed to creating the register, as well as other countries.

  • Last year in May at the Council of Europe summit, representatives of 40 states signed a declaration on the creation of the Register of Damage caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine.


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