• 21/04/2024 16:40

The official dollar exchange rate decreased after the Triday increase

The National Bank of Ukraine has reduced the dollar exchange rate. The dollar has fallen in price after increasing over the course of three days.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as posted on the regulator’s website.

The official exchange rate for 7 February 2024 is set at this level i: 38 .2664 UAH for 1 dollar (-0.1279 UAH).


The euro exchange rate becomes 41.5918 hryvnia for 1 euro (-0, 0545 UAH).


Today’s international exchange rate dropped by 19 kopecks to 38.22-38.23 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) updated from closures on the previous day.


On the prepared market the rate has not changed – 38.60 UAH/dollar.

Change the rate

According to NBU data, the average exchange rate for the sale of the ready-made dollar in Ukraine in 2024 fell by 0.6% to 38.34 hryvnia per dollar.

NBU data indicate that the rate is at the same level as last year.< /p>

Guess what, the average selling rate of the ready-made dollar in Ukraine for 2023 fell by 5.9% to 37.83 hryvnia. The dollar exchange rate fell after increasing in 2022 by 47.7% – from 27.21 to 40.19 UAH/Dollar.

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