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The operator of the drone power steering revealed the details of the liquidation of the missile boat “Ivanovets”

The Russian missile boat “Ivanovets” was sunk as a result of an attack by ten MAGURA naval drones, six which hit the target.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via CNN.

Behind the data, behind the attack is a secret Ukrainian bastard. One of the drone operators told CNN that MAGURA drones fly almost every few meters and are powered by water motors, but they have a long range – about 800 kilometers, which gives this drone the ability to launch its and drones from the great villages of the coastline of Ukraine for missions. against Crimean targets.

The operator with the positive name “13” is a member of a special unit of the GUR, which often vikorist drones.

In the late-night footage published by the Ukrainians, you can see how the Russians are shooting at drones, which were rushing to “Ivanovets”, first, as a minimum, the drones hit the side of the ship, shaking it from the side and screaming with heavy vibrations.

The footage shows a striking scene where “Ivanovtsia” is washed out of water as it sinks to the bottom of Lake Donuzlav, CNN reports.

Jewelry robot < p>The influx of drones is hostile, but the robot is thin, the operator said. “The head is a drone. If you squeeze its little bits, you can lose control of the drone. I told you, it looks like a jeweler’s robot,” he told CNN.


Caravans are located from afar through a Starlink connection, drones can also be programmed in advance for difficult journeys along the Black Sea.

In other words, the pilot constantly controls the crash of the drone, and the final attack on the meta is often controlled manually.

The initial weight of the drone at 250 kg can be increased to 300 kg by adding wine, “but there is no need for it.” Drones have proven effective against some of the largest ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The drones of the war hover hostilely at least six meters above the water. Once afloat, the stinks melt away as an important sign for the defense of the Russians.

cnn .com

“It’s hard to get around, especially in the open sea. It’s important to control it through such a size, because the sea is restless, but through it it’s much more important to impress us,” said Vine.

According to the pilot, the armored forces on board the Russian military ships were not fragmented from the security of the vikoristan drones, which were agitated by such targets as “Ivanovets”, vikorist harmati, which are more suitable for duels with other ships.

Video of the attack You can see how the shells sink into the water when the drones aim at the Ivanovets. Ammunition is not available from the drones.

Under the hour of the drone demonstration in the Black Sea, CNN flew as one drone – identical to the one that was fought against “Ivanovets” – taking sharp turns at speed on autopilot. “You can’t maneuver behind your design,” said the operator.

“A military ship cannot be as maneuverable as a drone,” he added.

Liquidation “Ivanovtsia”

U nіch against 1 fierce fighters of one of the patrol forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate attacked the missile boat “Ivanovets” of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation with MAGURA V5 naval drones. The ship's varity is 60-70 million dollars. As the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Andriy Yusov said, Russia had only three such boats.

At the beginning of a large-scale invasion, the Ukrainian military destroyed about 33% of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

More details about boat ” Ivanovets”, which was sunk by power steering drones, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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