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The OSCE is looking for a new format for negotiations on Transnistria. The old man behind Ukraine and the Russian Federation is clumsy

Early Head of the Organization for Security and Safety in Europe (OSCE) Ian Borґ by activating zusilla, in order to breathe new life into the process of the 30-year-old super river between Moldova and the pro-Russian separatist enclave.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via communications to Reuters.

Borg has joined forces with government officials Moldova has a self-proclaimed president Transnistria.

The grievances between the parties agreed that the OSCE could play a significant mediating role in the conflict management.

The head of the OSCE said that he had “reaffirmed the firm prudence of pursuing peaceful, all-pervasive and troubling regulations”, which would have respected the cordons of Moldova and ensured “a special status for Pridnestrovia”.

President of Moldova Maia Sandu, Having annexed its country to the European Union, Russia condemns Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, and Oleg Serebryan, Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the enclave, declared at a conference in Chisin Evi, that this invasion became a “tipping point” in attempts to resolve conflict from Transnistria.

“At the same time, all approaches to regulation in Transnistria have become outdated. The emphasis has changed. It’s not the format that’s important, but the replacement. The role of the OSCE is equally important, even more so,” Serebryan said.

Negotiating Forum “5” +2″, which was founded in 2005, including the offending parties, as well as Russia, Ukraine, the European Union, the United States and the OSCE, no longer exists, as contacts between Ukraine and Moscow are impossible through their aggressive war, I The Kremlin is not going to admit it.< /p> The plans of the Russian Federation for Transnistria, which have failed

Someone in ZMI has information about those who “deputies” of Transnistria, on the hour of their departure on the 28th, are asking Putin to join with Russia.

As a result, the “PMR” asked Russia to protect itself from Moldova.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that the Kremlin had been asking about the annexation to the Russian Federation, but “recognized once” ki “.

Now Moscow has concentrated on Gagauzia.

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