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The OSUV “Tavriya” explained the meaning of the morning of Avdiivka

Ukrainian military will continue the defense of Avdiivka to prevent Russian terrorism artillery entering the Donetsk region.

The river officer of the operational-strategic grouped army “Tavria” Dmitro Likhovy stated this in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

In his words, the Russians are transferring great resources directly to Avdiivskyi. We will begin to conduct combat operations there for the 14th of the military units and united forces of the 1st Army Corps, the 2nd, 8th and 41st Army Corps of the armored forces of the Russian Federation.

Likhovy Rozpov, The areas of Avdiivka are occupied by different sets of tactics. It is more important to carry out assault operations in small infantry groups, before which armored vehicles arrive.

“Although in the minds of street battles there is a specificity. The remaining time, significant investments in armored vehicles tempt the occupiers to move on to light assaults. Prisoners, the greatest villains and those who are least harmed are throwing a stink ahead. then it sinks completely,” the riverman clarified .

Having added that if the Ukrainians will not renew the ZSU lava and donate, then a lot of settlements at the entrance to Avdiivka may become another Mariupol, another Bakhmut and another Bucha.

“Utrimannya “Avdiivka is important in order to prevent Russian artillery and Russian terror from entering the Donetsk region. In order to grind Russian resources and reserves, to extract their armada,” said Likhovy.

At the same time whose main priority is the lives of fighters , adding wine.

Fights for Avdiivka

It is likely that the situation until Avdiivka will continue to become critical. The Russians threw all their efforts into seizing the place.

It is certain that the enemy is trying to take Avdiivka under their control before the start of the presidential elections in Russia.

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