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The partisans discovered the fortifications of the Russians near Crimea and deprived them of “gifts” (photo, video)

| Nogo Krim. The stench did not deprive the enemy without “gifts.”

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a message sent to the Telegram channel of the partisan movement “Atesh”.

“The agents of our movement could have wasted on the wake-up call “The enemy’s protest near the village of Okunivka in the Chornomorsk region,” says the informant.

The partisans were able to learn the progress of the enemy’s activities and plans from defense.

“We were able to grab a bunch of gifts for the Russians. During the course of the work, we learned about the large-scale theft of property at the site,” added Atesh.

In this case, the Russian armies will continue to dig in on the territories.

Situation in Crimea

Russian occupiers cleared military positions right on the beaches of Evpatoria near the immediately occupied Crimea.

In addition, Russia is acquiring rare types of multiple launch rocket systems (RSZV) to the front line. The destruction of “Grad-1” was recorded by the partisans in the occupation of Evpatoria. Also in the Evpatoria region of the Russian Federation, KamAZ trucks transport “dragon teeth.”

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