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There were 64 military clashes at the front, – General Staff

In the Avdeevsky direction, the defenders repulsed 19 enemy attacks.

64 military clashes took place at the front, - General Staff

The 729th day of the Russian Federation began a large-scale siege. Over the past 24 hours, 64 military clashes occurred. In total, the enemy launched 4 missile and 113 air strikes, carried out 105 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas.

This is reported by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. p>

Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately resulted in civilian casualties and injuries. Multi-storey and private houses, as well as other civilian infrastructure facilities, were destroyed and damaged.

At night, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine, using 10 UAVs of the “Shahed” type. The forces and means of the air defense of Ukraine destroyed 8 attack UAVs.

Air strikes were received by:Milovo, Olkhovatka, Grigorovka, Kolodeznoye, Mitrofanovka, Petropavlovka, Kharkov region; Makeevka, Belogorivka, Lugansk region; Liman, Svyato-Pokrovskoye, Seversk, New York, Belaya Gora, Dilievka, Novopokrovskoye, Novobakhmutovka, Desirable, Stepnoe, Semyonovka, Novoselovka Pervaya, Orlovka, Lastochkino, Tonenkoye, Krasnogorovka, Ekaterinovka, Antonovka, Paraskoveevka, Konstantinovka, Konstantinovka, regions; Robotino, Novoandreevka, Orekhov, Zaporozhye region; Krynki and Chernobaevka, Kherson region.

They came under enemy artillery firemore than 120 settlements in Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson and Nikolaev regions.

In the area of ​​responsibility of the OVSU “North”, in the Volyn and Polesie directions< /b>, the operational situation remains without significant changes.

In the Seversky and Slobozhansky directions b>the enemy maintains a military presence in the border areas, carries out sabotage activities in order to prevent our troops from being thrown into threatening directions, and increases the density of mine-explosive barriers along the state border in the Belgorod region.

In the area of ​​​​responsibility of the OSUV “Khortitsa”, < b>in the Kupyansk direction, the enemy made 3 attempts to attack in the areas of the settlements of Sinkovka and Tabaevka, Kharkov region.

In the Liman directionthe enemy attacked our units 6 times in the areas settlements Terny and Vyimka, in the Donetsk region. region.

In the area of ​​responsibility of the OVSU “Tavria”, in the Avdeevsky direction, our defenders repelled 19 enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Stepnoye, Lastochkino, Severnoye, Pervomaiskoye and Nevelskoye.

In the Maryinsky directionthe defense forces continue to contain the enemy in the areas of Georgievka, Pobeda and Novomikhailovka, Donetsk region, where the enemy tried to break through the defenses of our troops 14 times.

In the Novopavlovsk direction our defenders repulsed an enemy attack south of Zolotaya Niva. , which is in the Donetsk region.

In the Zaporozhye directionUkrainian soldiers repulsed 8 enemy attacks west of Verbovoy and in the Robotinoy area of ​​the Zaporozhye region.

In the area of ​​responsibility of the OVSU “Odessa”, in the Kherson direction, the Defense Forces continue to hold positions and repel assaults by Russian occupation forces. Despite significant losses, the enemy does not abandon attempts to dislodge our units from their positions. Thus, over the past 24 hours, the enemy has made 4 attempts to storm the positions of our troops on the left bank of the Dnieper.

At the same time, our soldiers continue to actively inflict losses on the occupation forces in manpower and equipment, depleting the enemy along the entire line front. /p>

Over the past 24 hours, defense force aviation carried out strikes on 10 areas where enemy personnel were concentrated and 2 enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. Also, with the help and means of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a Su-34 fighter-bomber and 3 reconnaissance UAVs were destroyed. 3 control points, 8 artillery weapons and 1 enemy radar station.


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