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Russian troops are trying to get through to Robotino: ISW maps

Russian troops have undoubtedly completed operations from clearing Avdiyivka , and they certainly sang for Victory and celebrated they are trying to get to Ivanivske.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with its requests to the Institute of Warfare (ISW).

Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

Positional battles were trivial:

  • for the daytime exit from Kup'yanska in the Synkivka area;
  • for the daytime exit from Kup'ianska in the Tabaivka area;
  • for the daytime exit from Kreminna in the area of ​​Terniv and Torskogo;
  • on the afternoon of Kreminna in the Bilogorivka area.

The head of the press service of the 15th cordon cordon brigade “Steel Cordon” Ivan Shevtsov stated that the Russian troops on the Kup'yansk-Liman line are conducting attacks using a variety of armored vehicles, including tanks, combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers through friendly forces. weather conditions on the axis.< /p>

According to Shevtsov’s words, 40,000 Russian military servicemen “stand up to the ZSU at the warehouse of the heavily grouped military forces,” but this group does not give in.

Shevtsov's statement is clearly consistent with other Ukrainian statements, which include 40,000 Russian military personnel on the Kup'yansky direct and a total of 57,000 on the Kup'yansk-Liman line with a 2-liter station this way.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

Positional battles took place near Bakhmut 21 fierce, but confirmed change to there were no front lines in this area.

Positional battles took place:

  • for the daytime descent from Bakhmut in the Viemka area;
  • for the daytime approach from Bakhmut in the area of ​​Bogdanivka;
  • at the entrance to Bakhmut near the Ivanivskogo district;
  • to the last day at the entrance to Bakhmut in the Klishchivka district.

Russian military blogger stating that the Russian military was trying to get around drink Ivanivske, fragments of population point of oozing with humps on the evening and daytime and openly on the evening and day.

Ukrainian military observer Kostyantyn Mashovets stated that the Russian military will concentrate their efforts on the direct line Bogdanivka – Chasiv Yar vzdovzh highway O0506 and through Bogdanivka, on pivnich and pivnichny skh From Ivanivskyi, and around Klishchivka, to get around the heights at daytime and at the end of the day from the population. item.

Recently, the Russian troops woke up for the day's entry into Avdiivka and, most likely, completed the operations of clearing Avdiivka. A video with geolocation, published on July 19, shows that Russian troops have popped up on the outskirts of Lastochkino (at the end of the day from Avdiivka).

Positions ї trivali:

  • on the day entry from Avdiivka in the area of ​​Stepovy and Lastochkino;
  • approach from Avdiivka near the Severny area;
  • approach from Avdiivka in the area of ​​Pervomaisky and Nevelskogo.

One Russian military blogger stated that the Russian military is trying to stabilize a new line of defense on the Avdiivsky direct.

According to the words of ISW, Russian armies have buried Peremoga, a small populated area right in the middle of Sunday departure from Donetsk, not later than the 21st.

Russian and Ukrainian officials confirmed that the Ukrainian armies would withdraw from the Victory of the 20th.

When Pobeda was buried, the Russian troops cut the O0532 highway, which allows one to pass from the recently buried Mar'inka (just before entering Donetsk) through Pobeda directly to Kostiantynivka, and the Russian troops can Let's try to get through to Kostyantynivka and the highway.

Ukrainian officials individuals did not comment in any way on the reports about the burying of Victory by the Russian troops.

Positional battles took place:

  • on the approach from Donetsk near Georgiyivka;
  • on the day approach from Donetsk in the area of ​​Pobeda and Novomikhaylivka.

“Everything is clear”

Positional battles have begun:

  • for the day's descent from Velikaya Novosilka near Prechistivka and Zolotaya Niva;
  • for the day's descent from Velika Novosilka near Novozlatopol.

Russian troops recently confirmed their arrival at the western part of the Zaporizka region i. Video with geolocation, published on August 21, shows that Russian troops have reached the outer part of Robotiny.

Additional footage with geolocation, published on August 21, indicates that that the Russian troops also emerged as they approached Verbovoy (on descent from Robotinoy).

Positional battles took place near Verbovoy, Robotinoy and Malaya Tokmachka (on the evening convergence from Robotinoy and on the evening convergence from Orekhov).

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