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The Pentagon has been cleared as Ukraine rejects a new batch of ATACMS missiles

The newly acquired States are ready to give Ukraine everything it needs to defend its armored defense and stop its ballistic missiles ATACMS. However, the Congress is moving forward, which is expected to confirm the necessary package of financing the defense needs of Kiev.

The Pentagon's defense attorney Sabrina Singh announced this, RBC-Ukraine reports from the statements at its briefing.

Behind the words river, the main priority for Ukraine is no longer anti-anti-anti-aircraft defense and artillery ammunition, and this itself was discussed during the remaining meeting of the Contact Group for the defense supply in the “Ramstein” format.

Singh stressed that the United States does not understand anything about the order of the day, transferring ATASMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine. Natomist, she said that Washington can work only after Congress praises the bill on military aid for Ukraine.

“We will be with you as long as necessary. It’s a pity that Congress is overstepping. We really need Absolutely, Let Congress give us funding in order to provide Ukraine with all the necessary protection. We do not lack additional funds, we need a budget. That is why we are working with Congress and trust that we will get it earn money,” said Singh.

Problems with US financial assistance for Ukraine

13 The US Senate approved a bill on financial assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for 95 billion dollars. Zokrem, for military assistance for Ukraine, the transfer package includes over 61 billion dollars.

To complete the document of formality, it is yet to be praised by the US House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden.

However, 16 The fierce Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, was inspired to put the bill to a vote. Congressmen went on vacation until February 28th.

President Biden called on the House to immediately praise the bill, while in Ukraine there is a growing shortage of ammunition for combat operations at the front.

Days Sabrina Singh said that I whoa Congress will not approve a package of financial aid worth over 60 billion euros, Ukraine will have to appeal, for which the population of the ZSU is fighting based on available resources.

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