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The ritual operation will continue. What do we know about the attack on the rich people in Odessa?

In January 2nd, Russian terrorism reached the point of a massive attack on the territory of Ukraine. One of the hostile unmanned aerial vehicles was captured by the rich people in Odessa, which led to the death of civilians.

About the Russian terrorist attack on the rich people in Odessa – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

When preparing the material, the Telegram channels of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration (OVA) Oleg Kiper, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations (DSNS), the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, were used. For the sake of Odessa, the Insurrectionary Forces, as well as the Twitter account of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MZS) Dmytro Kulebi, as well as the publication “Suspilne”.

Massive attack on the territory of Ukraine

Russian terrorists, in the 2nd year, attacked Ukraine:

  • 3-ceramic aircraft Kh-59/Kh-35 missiles from the time-hourly occupied territories of the Kherson and Donetsk regions;
  • 17th attack drones of the Shahed type from the territory of the Russian Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Crimean Balakleya.

Anti-aircraft missile submarines of the Conqueror Forces and the mobile combat group of the Defense Forces, increasingly a heated attack, 14 “Shaheds” were depleted between Odeska, Mykolayivska, Zaporizka and other low places.

Strike on the rich surface in Odessa

After 1 night in the Odessa region there were moonlights. After this, the mayor was informed about the arrest of one of the famous unmanned aerial vehicles. Around 3 o'clock in the morning there was news of one dead person, as well as seven others who were injured. Also, Kiper anticipated that the search-ritual operation would continue.

Also, as a result of the attack, damage was removed from other living resources on the surface of the place.

Ukraine will require more software

Commenting on the latest attack by Russian terrorists, Zelensky means that the enemy will continue to fight against civilians. It means that as a result of the blow to the rich population, 18 apartments were built.

“We need more anti-aircraft defense (anti-aircraft defense – ed.) from our partners. We need to strengthen the Ukrainian air defense shield in order to protect our people from Russian terrorism. More anti-aircraft defense systems, more missiles for anti-aircraft defense – that’s what saves life,” adding Zelensky.

Russia works soon if Zahid is inactive

As Kuleba means, Russia works immediately if Zakhid is inactive. In other words, the PPO of Ukraine is not delivered to the skin – the terrorist country is backed by hundreds of missiles and drones.

“For the leather shell exported from Europe, instead of being sent to Ukraine, Russia will squander one more square meter of European land. Invest in production, buy and stop exports from outside Europe already. not so that the style , as much as necessary,” and “as quickly and as quickly as necessary.” Vikonite,” the minister wrote.

The number of victims continued to increase

Already after the 7th morning, the DSNS informed about another victim of the Russian attack – the warriors obtained the body of another dead person from behind the tricks.

About the 9th morning it became known about the hidden one. According to Kiper, the man, incredibly, was at the basement at the moment of the drone’s accident. The victims were at Svidomosti, and the doctors immediately looked at them.

Photo: Russians hit a lot of people in Odessa (t.me/dsns_telegram)

After the 11th morning, it became known about the third victim of the attack of Russian terrorists. Then, on the level of the first, under the rubble, the body of a dead child was discovered. According to the data of Odeska Miska, the child was three months old at the time of her death. Now the Office of the Prosecutor General confirms that the age of the child is from 3 to 5 years.

There was a voice of mourning in Odessa, ritualists revealed the body of the fourth person

“In connection with human losses through the Russian drone attack tomorrow (3rd Birth – ed.) in Odessa and the region there is deafening “mourning,” – OVA's head lifted.

At about 13:00, the ritualists discovered the fourth body of a person.

“The robots are troubling. The DSNS received 95 soldiers and 22 pieces of equipment,” the DSNS said. < /li>

  • 5 buried.
  • The body of the fifth dead man was discovered

    “About 14:50 on the level of the first one, the DSNS ritual warriors climbed from behind the rubble “You have the body of a dead person,” informs the DSNS.

    The number of victims has grown to six

    From the rubble of a large area on top of the river, the scavengers recovered the body of a woman. Vaughn became the sixth victim of the Russian attack on Odessa.

    There are still victims.

    “Suspilne” reported to the DSNS that the number of dead had grown to 7 people.

    The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Klimenko, confirmed that the bodies of a mother with a three-year-old child were recovered from the rubble.

    “Already seven people died as a result of the overnight Russian attack on the rich people of the Russian Federation,” adding wine.

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