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The Russian Federation has changed the activity of its aviation in the Black Sea after the decline of the Tu-22M3, – Conspiracy Forces

The Russian Federation has changed the activity of its strategic aviation in quatoria of the Black Sea after the 19th quarter was The hostile Tu-22M3 bomber was destroyed.

About this process, the riverman of the Air Defense Forces of the ZSU Illya Yvlash, informs RBC-Ukraine from the dispatches to the Espresso.

Ivlash guessed that the Russians are building bombers a lot It is clear that the Russian Federation will not be able to continue its missile attacks on the infrastructure of Ukraine. However, the depletion of the Tu-22M3 significantly affected aviation activity.

“In addition, the work of the depleted radar stations, which carried out attacks on our region, continued to be successful. “At the moment the air traffic in Ukraine has changed a lot” , – adding the riverman PS.

Destruction of the Tu-22M3

On the night of the 19th quarter, the forces of the ZSU and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense carried out an operation to degrade the strategic bomber of the Russian Federation – Tu-22M3.

< p> The beginning of a full-scale invasion is the first to fall, if our defenders killed a letak of this type. Then, for the first time, two Kh-22 missiles were shot down.

The Russian Tu-22M3 was the first to carry out attacks on Ukraine. It was possible to “land” at a distance of 300 km from Ukraine. Tu-22M3 was shot down from the S-200 anti-aircraft missile system.

What you know about this Tu-22M3 aircraft and Kh-22 missiles – find out from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

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