• 17/06/2024 19:48

The Russians began to use “cockroach tactics” near Krinok in the Kherson direction

The new tactics did not bring results to the enemy.

The Russians began to use “cockroach tactics” near Krynoki in the Kherson direction

The Russian army tried to change this in the Kherson region, again trying to oust the Armed Forces of Ukraine from occupied bridgeheads. However, the change of tactics again did not help the invaders, so the invaders’ attempts were in vain.

This was stated by the representative of the coordination press center of the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine Natalya Gumenyuk on the air of the telethon.

“In the Krynok area the enemy was experiencing new tactics. The other day in the reports of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine you could see that there were significant numbers of assaults up to 16, they were trying to choose a tactic that would be effective for them,” she said.

According to Gumenyuk, the enemy tested the “tactics of cockroaches” The enemy increased the number of small assault groups with which they tried to attack the bridgeheads of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from different sides. However, to no avail.

“The assaults were repulsed. Now the invaders have again switched to more stable and familiar tactics, 6 assaults over the past 24 hours, which were also unsuccessful,” Gumenyuk added.


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