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In Kharkov, the light switch-off schedules have been strengthened. The Russian Federation hit an energy facility in the region

Energy workers have strengthened the light switching schedules in Kharkov on the 7th quarter. Russia has hit the energy sector in the region again.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a message to Ukrenergo, the Ministry of Energy, and a commentary by Intercessor Minister of Energy Mikoli Kolisnyk on the telethon.

“Dispatch the center of the disturbances will increase today in Kharkov and the region will be subject to emergency shutdowns,” stated Ukrenergo.

Impact on the energy facility

Following the data from energy workers, at night the Russians launched a massive drone strike in the Kharkiv region.

“Among the deteriorating civilian objects is the high-voltage grid facility of the NEC “Ukrenergo”. hover over the renewal of energy supplies,” – added by the company.

As reported by the Ministry of Energy, in the Kharkiv region the emergency shutdown schedules will be frozen, 410 thousand subscribers have been terminated. In addition, through combat operations, the lost line was damaged and 534 subscribers were terminated.

The situation is one of the most important

As the Minister of Energy Mikola Kolisnik confirmed on air during the telethon, the situation in Kharkov is losing one of the most important ones. both for the place and for the region. renewal of the main elements of the system. Unfortunately, the boundary lines and schedules for the annual supply of electricity will still stagnate,” Kolisnik said.

But, after his words, the enemy does not hesitate.

“Last night we had a small number of new shellings of the energy sector, “shaheed” shellings,” he stated.

Shellings of Kharkov and the region

On the 7th quarter of the 7th quarter, the Russian occupiers yesterday launched strike drones across Ukraine type “Shahed”. It was reported about Kharkov's bruises. Later it became clear that Kharkov had received one of the Russian drones from private booths and began to burn. Three people were injured.

In addition, the Russian army dropped an air bomb on a large surface near the Kupyansk Kharkov region. As a result of the attack, a woman died.

It is likely that after the large-scale shelling of Ukraine on 22 February, which became an unprecedented attack on the energy sector of the region, Kharkov was left without electricity. The enemy fired over 10 hits at the location. This day, 23rd February, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking about the situation in the energy system of the country, having learned that the most important situation is missing from Kharkov.

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