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The SBU announced suspicion in absentia to a cleric of the UOC-MP who campaigned for the annexation of the Kherson region to Russia

The intelligence service is also looking for his father, who worked in the interests of the invaders.

The SBU in absentia announced suspicion of a cleric of the UOC MP who campaigned for the annexation of Kherson. Cleric of the UOC MP from Kherson, subdeacon of the so-called “Kherson diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church” Nazar Shki I got suspicion in collaboration activities, since he campaigned for the region to join Russia.</p>
<p>This is reported by the Security Service of Ukraine.</p>
<p During the occupation of Kherson, Shkil was one of the first to support the Russians and cooperate with them. Gauleiter Vladimir Saldo approved his “candidacy” for the head of the local occupation organization, which operated under the guise of a “public association of youth.”</p>
<p>The cleric gathered “like-minded people” to paint the stele at the entrance to occupied Kherson in the colors of the Russian flag. The collaboration spoke about this during live broadcasts on central television channels of the Russian Federation.</p>
<p>Shkil also agitated believers to support a pseudo-referendum on the “annexation” of the Kherson region to Russia.</p>
<p>During the liberation of the Kherson region, he and his father. – the rector of the local church of the UOC-MP, who fled to the Russian Federation, the city of Stavropol.</p>
<p>The investigative Security Services in absentia informed the subdeacon-collaborator of suspicion under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:</p>
<li>ch. 6 tbsp. 111-1 (collaboration activities);</li>
<li>ch. 1 tbsp. 436-2 (denial of armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine);</li>
<li>ch. 1 tbsp. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine).</li>
<p>Currently, measures are ongoing to bring the attacker to justice and the issue of qualifying the actions of his father, who is also involved in information and subversive activities in favor of Russia.</p>
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