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What will happen to your pension if you don’t pay salary contributions?

Ukraine has a solidary pension system, which is based on the principles of insurance for the population in the old osti and pid the hour of important life circumstances. To withdraw your pension, you need to have a valid insurance period and pay contributions to the Pension Fund.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its submissions on the law “On foreign-language pension insurance” and clarification of the Pension Insurance Fund.

This experience is determined by the number of months during which a person can confirm earnings and pay contributions to the Pension Fund. The more insurance experience a citizen has, the more opportunities he has to claim a decent pension.

Failure to pay contributions to the Pension Fund can create serious consequences for claiming a pension. If a person does not pay the contributions, this can lead to a change in the insurance period, and consequently, to a shortening of the pension amount. In addition, retirement will be later, less than 60 years.

Retirement is expected in 2024

The law stipulates that it is possible to have a necessary insurance period for retirement after birthday 60, 63 or 65 rokiv.< /p>

To retire after reaching 60 years of age in 2024, you must have at least 31 years of insurance experience. Shortly, the insurance period, which gives the right to retire for 60 years, increases by 12 months and in 2028 it becomes 35 years.

As a person who has increased 60 years in 2024 and there may be less than 31 years of necessary insurance length of service, you are entitled to a pension after reaching age 63 in 2027 for having at least 24 years of insurance experience.

The minimum required insurance period, which gives the right to a pension for 65 years, is 15 years.

Alternative for people without experience

Pensioners after 65 years, who do not have an insurance period, have the right to receive alternative assistance. This is the name of the “social pension” and is paid to those who have reached 63 years of age, unless their insurance period is insufficient to obtain a full pension.

This is the name of the “social pension” for people who do not have an insurance period or are insufficient , We stock 2,361 hryvnia.

Before this type of payment, additional allowances are also added:

  • For special age from 70 to 74 years – 300 hryvnia
  • For special age from 75 to 79 years – 456 hryvnia
  • For individuals over 80 years old – additional 570 hryvnia

To withdraw social payments, you need to go to the local social security center and submit a package of documents.

Payments can see,

  • – which operates or has another profitable type of activity,
  • – the person in charge has either an apartment or a cabin or more than one car,
  • – the obligation revealed undeclared income (rental property, illegal work, income from the destruction of animals, vicarious only God's technology)
  • – a person or members of this family made large purchases over a period of 12 months before submitting the application.

Pension rate

Today, the pension rate is determined by three parameters:< /p>

  • – triviality of the pensioner’s insurance experience;
  • – the ratio of your salary in each month of the insurance period, which is insured for calculating the pension, to the average salary in Ukraine in each month;
  • – the average salary in the country and for the remaining three years before the animal hunt for pension purposes .

The law establishes the rules for the recovery of “non-viable” months of salary (earnings optimization).

Calculation example: a person applying for pensions in 2024

With the increase in pensions in 2024, the average salary in Ukraine for 2021-2023 will be 13,559.41 hryvnia.

In 2023, people will receive 15 780 hryvnia salary. The average salary in Ukraine, with insurance contributions paid, for this month is UAH 14,882.88.

Also, the monthly wage coefficient for the month of 2023 is 1.06028. In the same way, you can insure your skin insurance over a period of months. The amount of such coefficients is divided by their number, the salary coefficient is determined (for example, after optimization of earnings, the sum is 2.54507.

A person has 35 years iv insurance period (420 months).

Also, the individual coefficient of insurance experience for calculating his pension is 0.35000 ((408 x 1%)/(100% x 12).

The amount of the assigned pension becomes 12,078.38 hryvnia.

Hey, the pension system Ukraine relies on the principles of insurance security, where insurance experience and regular contributions to the Pension Fund play an important role. The lack of knowledge of these minds can lead to negative consequences for the withdrawal of pensions. Therefore, it is important to retire financially in a timely manner. obligation to the pension system to ensure a decent life in old age.

Guess what, the average pension in Ukraine is 5,743 hryvnia per 1 quarter.

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