• 12/04/2024 20:31

The State Tax Service spoke about the latest detainees trying to illegally cross the border

Two tried to escape from Ukraine with fake birth certificates of children, and the third – with a certificate from the VLK.

GNSU spoke about the latest arrests while trying to illegally cross the border

three people trying to illegally cross the border .

This was reported by the press service of the State Tax Service.

“Two of them showed three birth certificates of their children. However, a number of errors were found in these documents, and the owners were not guided by how and where they received them,” the report says.

Another person submitted for control a certificate from the VLK about unsuitability for military service. However, the border guards found out that it was limited to what was suitable.

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The man’s wife, according to the border guards, tried to give them a bribe of 6 thousand hryvnia.

  • Three former deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, after the start of a full-scale invasion, crossed the border using the “Path” system under the guise of volunteers going for humanitarian aid and did not return to Ukraine. These are Sergei Katsuba, Alexander Tretyakov and Alexander Zats.

  • Since the beginning of this year, border guards have exposed more than 220 illegal groups specializing in the transfer of Ukrainian men abroad.

  • On the night of December 25, border guards of the Mukachevo detachment detained three men who were trying to swim across the Tisza River in Transcarpathia to get to Hungary. Three men paid $17,000 for a “Christmas tour” on a rubber boat to Hungary.

  • The SBU exposed three schemes for Ukhilians escaping abroad in different regions. Among the detainees is a VLK surgeon.

  • Meanwhile, the Rada is preparing a bill on mobilization and demobilization, which would limit the rights of evaders.

  • Defense Minister Rustem Umerov also announced new “rules of the game” for stealth fighters.


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