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On the highway near the Dnieper, an unknown car was shot. The dead, the police are on the scene

| 7 breasts. As a result, one person died.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with dispatches to the police of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

According to the police, at approximately 18:00 in the middle of the police department of the hope there was a announcement So on the N-31 highway an unknown man with a balaclava jumped onto the road and a few shots were fired. Following the latest information, the man fired at a car with a silenced machine gun. As a result, the wounded waters were removed from the scene.

In order to establish all the conditions of the crime, a number of police and surveillance teams were sent to the scene. All police services are on the lookout for the suspect's arrest.

“To quell this hidden crime, a special police operation has been introduced in the region,” the source said.

Photo: unknown car shooting on the highway near the Dnieper (facebook.com/PoliceDniproRegion)

Shotgun in the center of Prague

21 breasts at the university in the center of Prague a man made a shot. Initially there were reports of 10 victims, but later in the evening law enforcement officials clarified that the shooter had killed at least 15 people and injured at least 24 individuals.

According to the words of the Czech police chief Martin Vondrashek, attacker suicide, if according to the new law enforcement authorities . The archer was 24-year-old student of the Faculty of Philosophy David Kozak.

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