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The United States has sued a Russian who tried to fly to the country illegally

A Russian in the fall of the last year boarded a flight from Denmark to Los Angeles without a ticket or visa . You are threatened with up to five years of freedom.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via BBC News.

Prosecutors said that Russian Sergiy Ochigava passed the check at the Copenhagen airport near Denmark without a boarding pass, allowing the passenger through the turnstile.

The next day, it was not noted that he passed through the gate and boarded a Scandinavian Airlines flight to Los Angeles.

With the incriminating documents from the Ochgavi, members of the flight attendants marked him in the flight deck, so he was moving between Only unoccupied seats.< /p>

4 leaves fell, since landing near Los Angeles, the US border guards began to attack Ochigava. Agents were unable to find current official records of him on a Scandinavian Airlines flight or any other flight.

Having arrived in the USA, the person was unable to provide a visa, foreign passport or other necessary documents for entry. While searching his bag, the police officers discovered the Russian and Israeli passports that were with him.

He told the guards that he had forgotten his foreign passport at the airport, but that turned out to be untrue. Officials called him for this untrue information.

Ochigava said that he didn’t sing, and gave a ticket for the flight. He also said that he doesn’t remember boarding a flight, having not slept for three days.

Ochigavi’s official victory will be praised 5 times.

Arrest of Russians in the United States

We wrote earlier , that the US Department of Justice arrested a Russian citizen who attempted to help a foreign terrorist organization.

We also reported that a Russian citizen was arrested in the United States for taking part in a malicious group , who was engaged in swindling, smuggling and money-grabbing.

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