• 22/04/2024 15:12

The United States was against Palestine's membership in the UN and voiced its opposition

The US Presidential Administration opposes Palestine's renewed attempt to gain the status of a full member of the UN. Washington supports the sovereignty of the Palestinians, even after negotiations with Israel.

Register Matthew Miller of the US Department of State stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports that the official was sent to a briefing on Wednesday, April 3.

“We have always made it clear that, although we encourage the creation of an independent Palestinian state… this may be undermined by the need for direct negotiations between the parties, which we are willing to do at the same time, and not in the United Nations,” – Miller said.

Without directly saying that the United States has received a veto on such a Palestinian request for the sake of UN security. The US opposition in Radbezia may block this initiative, given the fact that Washington has a veto.

Palestinian Authority

Palestinian Autonomy was created 30 years ago on the basis of time-sensitive peace agreements in Oslo. It controls parts of the occupied Zahidny bank of the Jordan River, but lost control in the Gaza Strip after the conflict with Hamas in 2007.

Kerivnitsya autonomy had previously attempted to obtain membership in the UN. In 2011, the current leader of the autonomy, Mahmoud Abbas, announced his intention to submit an application to revoke membership in the Organization.

On the 26th of 2023, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Mohammed Shtayyeh, submitted stand. He explained his decision briefly before the formation of Palestinians for political reasons after the war with Israel by Hamas.

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