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There was a fatal accident near the Lviv region: the highway collapsed into the bank of the Ravi-Ruska intersection

In the Lviv region on the highway Ternopil – Lviv – Rava-Ruska there was an accident due to Ghiblimi. There is a crash in both directions.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a message on Telegram of the Patrol Police.

“In connection with an accident with fatalities on the M-09 Ternopil – Lviv highway “Rava-Ruska in the village of Moshchana Rukh is blocked in both directions,” the announcement goes.

It is noted that all necessary services are running at the site. You will be informed about the visit to the given site every year.

The drivers are asked to take this information in advance of planning the route.

Photo: y There was a fatal accident in the Lviv region (t.me/patrolpolice_ua)

Updated 22:50

According to police information, a reverse direction was organized on the highway.

Accident near Lviv region

I guess a serious accident happened on Wednesday, 3rd quarter, on the outskirts of Lviv. Rukh was surrounded by a highway of sovereign significance, Kiev-Chop.

Also, 21 roads near Lvov on the bridge became an accident involving 27 cars. The cause of the accident could have been bad weather, which covered the Lviv region with heavy fog, and visibility was significantly limited.

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