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The US Congress will now vote in support of Israel. Perhaps, I will help Ukraine as well

This coming year, the US House of Representatives will consider a bill to support Israel. This may be the same bill, which also transfers 60 billion dollars for military assistance to Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Politico.

On Saturday, the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives announced that the House would vote for a bill to support Israel. The attack on Iran drew new bipartisan calls before the package of foreign aid was praised, according to the American view. the previously announced layout of legislative meetings, so that we can then look at the legislation, as encourages our ally Israel and attracts Iran and its terrorist proxies to the extreme,” says majority leader Steve Scalise.

It is not clear from the text which document the House of Representatives is voting for, which is about the package of assistance to foreign powers, which will provide additional funding to Israel with the help of Ukraine and Taiwan.

Skaliz said that “additional information… will be given” .

Guess what, on the 13th the US Senate praised the bill with aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for 95 billion dollars. Zokrem, over 60 billion dollars have been transferred to Ukraine.

In order for the bill to gain some form of government, it may still be praised by the US House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden. Republicans in the US Congress are blocking the resolution itself through aid to Ukraine.

Yesterday, the 13th quarter, US presidential candidate Donald Trump, what a significant influx on the republicans, drawing attention to the fact that continued funding for aid Ukraine. The pro-republican appreciates that the help is not due to the appearance of a “gift”, but to the format of the position.

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