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The USA joined the International Coalition to return Ukrainian children: details

The United States joined the International Coalition to return Ukrainian children.

About This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with a message to the US Department of Defense.

The United States has recognized the armed forces of the Russian side, which are causing serious damage to children in the war against Ukraine.

“We take notice and the confession of the General UN Secretary “Children and armed conflicts, in which the armed forces of Russia are connected with them, grouping is included in the list of parties to eliminate serious damage to children in the armed conflict,” – stated by the US Department of Defense.

Also, the United States has voiced that the war may be about the rights of people.

“International humanitarian law and norms in the field of human rights may be about to be achieved in the context of the aggressive war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, In addition, there are serious problems illegal deportation and displacement of Ukrainian children by the Russian Federation,” the State Duma said.

The United States will provide assistance to children who suffered as a result of illegal deportation.

“We have provided all necessary humanitarian, medical and psychological assistance to children and their homelands who suffered as a result of illegal deportation and Primus displacement by the Russian Federation, with Their reintegration and renewal of their kindness,” the State Duma said.

Washington encourages efforts to attract persons convicted of illegal deportation to recognition.

“We encourage efforts to attract individuals responsible for organizing the illegal deportation and forcible transfer of Ukrainian children, to the point of conformity with international law,” wrote the State Duma epi.

Deportation of Ukrainian children by Russia

From the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Russia on permanently deports Ukrainian children to annexed Crimea, Belarus and remote areas of Russia.

Illegally smuggled Ukrainian children became the reason for the International Criminal Court to begin in 2023 Gaazi has seen an arrest warrant for the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin and has been confirmed by children's rights from the Russian Federation Maria Lvovoy-Belova through the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children.

We previously reported that, based on information from the Center for National Resistance, the occupiers are preparing new lists for mass deportation Ukrainian children.

To speech, Zhovtni 2022 Roku Rosіyki Ombudsman Maria Lvov-Bєlova illegally enhanced Ditina Z Mariupol.

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