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They want to know everything. From what age they are taken to the ZSU by mobilization

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, after further examination, submitted a new law to the Supreme Council a project that promotes mobilization in the military region and military service.

How to demonstrate the change of age, for which military conscripts can be mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine, Andriy Lavrenyuk, a lawyer in the military practice, analyzes Law Firm “Prikhodko and Partners”.< /p>From every age they can be taken to the ZSU for a new bill

“During the draft period, this regulation in Ukraine during the war period is subject to discussion and consideration. This is due to the fact that the new bill No. 10378 was recently adopted. 25 rocks “Moreover, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a Law to change the border age of the transfer of civilians to military conscripts from the 27th century to the 25th century. Today the country is signed by the President of Ukraine,” – seems like an expert.

In geopolitical minds, tensions are necessary to ensure the national security of Ukraine. It is important to balance the needs with the protection of the rights and interests of young people who are in the military service, Andriy Lavrenyuk respects.

“You must understand that the reduced age of conscripts does not mean better nutrition. Even those who have not undergone military service and do not have basic skills and knowledge of the military service cannot ensure proper support and replacement of their Skovym, how to turn from the combat zone to rotation, “or they will be discharged in good health,” he concludes.

On the one hand, changing the conscription period during the war will become a strategic approach for the formation of the required reserves in the Armed Forces.

The security of the country's national security is emphasized by the active participation and readiness of the younger generation to serve in the military right, otherwise there is a stench of those who are prepared in advance and who are ready to enter the frontiers of the Defense Forces, as they will be consumption.

Photo: Verkhovna Rada has already adopted the Law to Change the Border in the Republic of Belarus conscripts z 27 until the 25th century. Vin now signed by the President (Getty Images)

“For this purpose, the new bill, Law No. 10378, was given the idea of ​​basic military training for special forces up to 25 years, which is carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations with the method of producing military- field specialization, practical knowledge, knowledge and skills, for protection of the Fatherland. Citizens can turn around themselves and the period of undergoing basic military training until they reach 25 years,” – respected lawyer of the Law Firm “Prikhodko and Partners”.

Which categories of military citizens can don't send it away

This is how such a division of the masses is formed from 18 to 60 years in the following categories:

  • Pre-conscription officers – individuals who are subject to military service;
  • Conscripts – individuals who are taken into military service;
  • Military servicemen – individuals who are undergoing military service;
  • Military military servicemen – individuals who are in reserve to staff the Armed Forces of Ukraine and others yskovyh molds;
  • Reservists are individuals who serve in the military reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other armored formations and are designated for their recruitment in peacetime during a special period.

“Returning to the introduction of “basic military training” – individuals who have undergone this training will be elevated to the status of military conspirators, and will then become eligible for military service, in territorial centers of recruitment after the place of residence Anna,” means fahivets.

In this way, as soon as the legislation makes changes, the conscription age will be changed to 25 years, and individuals who will contribute to mobility will also receive basic military training.

Return to vagu. “This bill has been published before, and is not yet official information. This proposal may be rejected or edited,” – every lawyer.

More details about those who have responded to their law read the project in the materials of RBC -Ukraine “They stopped the supply. Why did the Rada wrap up the law on mobilization and who, by mixing “servants of the people” with Bankova.”

We also wrote that it is impossible to remove servants without the permission of the government committee.

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