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NBU predicts shortened international assistance to Ukraine

International assistance to deprive the main source of the flow of capital to Ukraine and beyond. However, obligations will be reduced.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from the messages on the “Inflationary Head” of the National Bank of Ukraine (since 2024).

“Irrespective of the delays in international relations ї assistance for It is clear that its rhythmicity will be renewed in the coming months. According to the base scenario of the NBU forecast, Ukraine in 2024 will take away about 37 billion dollars from foreigners. loans and grants”, – available from Zvita.

U In the world of a significant reduction in non-banking risks at the onset of Ukraine, there is a renewed commitment to independent financing of household needs, as well as obligations of official foreign financing are gradually changing, stated in N BU.

In 2024-2026, international funding will be received in the amount of 37.4 billion dollars, 25.1 billion dollars and 12.6 billion dollars.

Rhythm of assistance

As stated in the NBU, the important ones are still waiting nya donors are not deprived of houses The need for financial commitments, and the rhythmicity of such efforts, ensures the safe completion of all planned budget items.

“For example, at the end of 2023 – at the beginning of 2024, the rhythmicity of these efforts was spent and the insignificance was significantly increased until the confirmation of external financial assistance for the flow of money among the largest donors. The existence of the domestic financial market will continue to be limited and, as the need for external assistance becomes more difficult, there will be a threat to the renewal of the emission financing of the budget at the side of the NBU,” according to the forecast.

According to the data of the NBU, the reduction in financial obligations will also lead to a depletion of international reserves, which will have a negative impact on the indicators of the country’s current stability.

“Current exchange rate fluctuations and inflation rates , and therefore, the NBU is committed to carrying out a tight monetary policy, lower transferred to the base scenario,” the central bank said.

Help for Ukraine

It is likely that, according to the Ministry of Finance, in 2023, Ukraine took 42.5 billion dollars in international assistance in the form of grants and loans.

Water hour The demand for external finance for 2024 was changed from 41 billion dollars to 37.3 billion dollars in order to maximize budget revenues, activate domestic markets and secure other coming in.

Leaders of the European Union praised the vision for Ukraine 50 billion euros within the Ukraine Facility programs for 2024-2027. Ukraine's insurance company wants to waive the first payment totaling 4.5 billion euros from the birch

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine wants to waive the first two payments of 18 billion euros from the first two programs.

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