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TsPD identified a fake that Ukrainians had nothing to do with the terrorist attack in Crocus (photo)

Merezh appeared photos of Ukrainians, which are in no way comparable to the terrorist attack in the Moscow region ” Crocus City Hol”, this is a lie.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through communications to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security.

Following the data, the center received information that nothing four suspected of a terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow are identified by passports and citizens of Ukraine, whom the state hired for the money of American tax payers.

The CPD voiced their objection that the data stated do not indicate effectiveness.

“When posting anonymous accounts and bots – the additions repeat the same “twisted” text word for word. To create falsehoods, the fake news stories vikorized photographs of real passports of Ukrainians, which were found on the Internet. Data, in the name of Caesar Yul ii-Galaryrogailoliasis Illich can be found in materials for 2020,” added the center.

In connection with the photo of Mikoli Malukha’s passport, then, according to the center, it appeared in the period of 2016 and was published especially by Malukha on Facebook: in the caption under the photo, the Russian was quiet, having taken away the Ukrainian passport and wanted to be seen d Russian.

“The other two photos are of low quality and it is impossible to read the names on them. Propaganda continues to expand fakes to look for a “Ukrainian trace” in a terrorist attack, to which Ukraine is not accountable,” the center assumed.

Terrorist attack near Moscow

Guess what, the 22nd unseen escaped to the Crocus City Hall shopping center, which is located near Moscow. There was a great crowd of people at the shopping center.

The terrorists massacred the Russians and set fire to their exits to make it difficult to flow in.

Later in the Russian Federation, the citizens of Tajikistan were arrested and they were accused of a terrorist attack. Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin stated that the suspected terrorists were trying to enter Ukraine through the Bryansk region.

As stated today, February 27, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirilo Budanov, Russia knew about the preparation of a terrorist attack in less than a month , but it didn’t work.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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