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Turkey will help the US with TNT to increase the production of ammunition, – Bloomberg

Turkey will deliver TNT to the United States in order to increase the production of artillery shells. They will be affected by the war in Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

It is reported that Turkish supplies of trinitrotoluene, known as TNT, and nitroguanidine, which It is considered as a burning material, which is of utmost importance for the production of 155 mm caliber ammunition.

“It’s already on the way to becoming the largest seller of artillery shells in the United States,” writes Bloomberg.

It appears that the Russian war against Ukraine provoked a surge in light the need for ammunition, in which case the incoming allies will rush to deliver them to Kiev and try to replenish their military reserves.

Stribok will be called upon to rise up in global transactions and become interested in the supply chains of defense products, especially components such as TNT.

Tureccin's role in the production of shells

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to continue Go to the White House on May 9th, first come, As President Joe Biden took office, the stench of resentment was felt by the military ties.

Turecchina's praise of Sweden's membership in NATO gave Washington the opportunity to sign up for sales to Ankara of American F-16 combat aircraft, missiles and bombs worth 23 billion dollars.

Against the cruelty of the Pentagon, declaring that having accepted a contract from General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems for the development of three lines with the production of metal parts for 155-mm projectiles in Texas, together with Turkish subcontractors. It is planned to launch the plant with the production of shells.

The production of shells may be increased

Bloomberg writes that by 2025, the production lines of the Turkish defense company Repkon will produce approximately 30% of all 155-mm artillery shells produced in the United States

In addition, the US Department of Defense has purchased or the Turkish company Arca Defense has 116,000 combat-ready units ammunition to supply this fate, and further purchases will be completed in the near future and they will be delivered to the next fate.

In an application for investment in Texas and Turkish industry, the Pentagon said that working with allies is the key to creation of a global defense industrial base .

Zakhid aims to catch up with Russia

The United States and the rest of Europe are trying to catch up with the Russian Federation, whose military industry could allow it to expand and purchase nearly 4 million artillery shells. The DPRK helped her.

And the European Union is planning to increase the production of artillery shells to approximately 1.4 million units.

“The fragments of the great defense companies and other post-owners are beginning to grow in production, it turns out that the production of ammunition in The United States and Europe are likely to experience more and more adversity,” writes Bloomberg.

Need for a decision by Congress

Plans to increase the production of shells often lie in the wake of Congress’ praise of President Joe Biden’s request for assistance to Ukraine, which comes as a result of the blocking of the House of Representatives.

The US Army intends to produce 100,000 155-mm shells per month until the end of 2025, which will be impossible without funding.

“The US-Tureccia partnership in the area of ​​ammunition also demonstrates a divergence in strategy from the EU. For several months, the 27-member bloc has been losing money for purchases from Tureccia through the “It’s on the side of France, Greece and Cyprus,” the news added.

Allied supplies of shells to Ukraine

It seems likely that a large amount of ammunition will be sent to Ukraine in the near future following the Czech Republic's initiative.

You must respect that the Czech Republic received 300 thousand shells for Ukraine. They will ensure vitally important “repairs for several months” on the front line.

As Lieutenant General Ivan Gavrilyuk announced, after a month or two there will be a difference in the used artillery shells between Ukraine Nowadays the Russian Federation will need to pass the time, trying to increase the capacity of production I will help my partners.

And American experts believe that in the minds of the critical shortage of US artillery shells in Ukraine could escalate to the Devotion of Korea. This supply is subject to the transfer of 105 mm caliber ammunition, of which Seoul is being gradually updated.

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