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Two more EU countries opposed sending troops to Ukraine

Spain and Italy did not agree with France’s proposal to send land forces to ійська to Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from Reuters and Ansa.

According to the words of the riverwoman of the Spanish government, Pilar Alegría, Madrid did not agree with the proposal of French President Emmanuel Macron to send troops to Ukraine . Vaugh said, with a pre -ok of the May, the liches of the troops of the same mother.

“єdnost, Bula є є nyefective Zbriyu, yak ma єvropa, Shchob resist Putin,” said Alegry.

Recently, the head of the Ministry of Health of Italy, Antonio Tajani, stated that his country is also against sending troops to Ukraine. It is important that the possibility of sending troops into Ukraine is “Macron’s idea.”

“If you are talking about sending troops, you have to be even more careful, because it is not your fault to tempt people to think that mi “We are at war with Russia. We are not at war with Russia, we are stealing Ukraine, and, in my personal opinion, I am not a fan of sending the Italian armies to fight in Ukraine,” said Tajani.

What do we know about the departure of the Ukrainian region? Entering Ukraine

26 February at the Elysee Palace in Paris there was a working meeting of about 20 European leaders. The conference participants discussed ways to resist Russia and possible ways to help Ukraine resist the aggressor in the context of the difficult situation at the front over the past few years. Zokrema, just before the President of France Emmanuel Macron himself did not turn off the idea that NATO would introduce troops to help Ukraine. The main problem, in his words, is that there is still a consensus on this diet today.

It is significant that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz came out against the direction of NATO and EU forces to Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland also do not see this Possibility. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was categorical, declaring that “there are no plans for the deployment of NATO combat troops on the territory of Ukraine,” and does not care about all-out assistance to Kiev.

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