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Intelligence warned about a large-scale special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine called “Maidan-3”

The purpose of the special operation, the peak of which is predicted for the spring, is to split Ukrainian society and cause defeat in the east.

Intelligence warned about a large-scale Russian special operation in Ukraine called

Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine, he warned Ukrainians about a large-scale Russian special operation on the territory of our country called “Maidan-3,” for which a record $1.5 billion was allocated. The purpose of the special operation is to split Ukrainian society.

This was reported by the Main Intelligence Directorate with reference to a statement by the Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine.

“In November last year, as part of the special operation “Maidan – 3”, Russia spent almost $250 million to spread anti-Ukrainian sentiments on the Telegram platform alone. But the total budget of the deal amounted to an astronomical $1.5 billion. This is – the most expensive “action” of the Russian special services in history,” the report says.

It is noted that the special operation “Maidan – 3” will reach its culmination in March-May 2024.However, in the coming weeks, the enemy may make every effort to spread narratives destructive to global security and attempts to incite conflicts – both within Ukraine and in other parts of the world where there is effective support from Ukraine.

“The main directions and goals of the enemy are the disruption of Ukrainian mobilization, the spread of disinformation about Ukraine’s inability to win, the creation and distribution of fakes about “tired of Ukraine” among our partners and allies in the world. The global international goal of the Russians is to reduce support for our country from the pro-Ukrainian coalition in the world,” noted in the statement.

Also, according to the data, the Russians’ goal is to demoralize Ukrainians, panic among the population, a split between military personnel and civilians, “to put everyone at odds with everyone, including representatives of the country’s political leadership , civil society.”

As intelligence officials reported, Russian intelligence services are using their traditional methods.

“The campaign methodology is traditional for the Russian special services: to question the legitimacy of government decisions made in Ukraine after May 20, to spread panic and despondency, to artificially contrast civilians and military personnel, to quarrel us with our allies, to spread all sorts of “conspiracy theories” in society,” they specified. GUR.

This will happen against the backdrop of public statements by the aggressor about the creation of new types of superweapons, which, according to the Russians, should provide Russia with a technical advantage over the West for the next decade.

“It follows that resistance to Russia’s goals in Ukraine is dangerous for the world, and therefore Russia will push other countries to direct dialogue on Ukraine without our participation,” the intelligence service noted.

As the message says, the Russians, through their own agents of influence in Ukraine and around the world will rely on organizing various protests and deliberately discredit the process of exchanging prisoners of war. Intelligence warns that Russia will try to inflict a military defeat on Ukraine in the east this summer.

“According to the enemy's plan, in the first half of June the situation in our state will be undermined and then, taking advantage of the situation, Ukraine will be inflicted a military defeat in the East, this is the key idea of ​​their operation,” – the Committee reported.

The Committee calls on Ukrainian society, international partners and allies to strengthen joint resistance and comprehensive security measures, especially in the information space, “to effectively counter global threats and challenges of a new world hybrid war.”


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