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Ukraine called on Azerbaijan to bury the help in dismantling

Ukraine is on the verge of losing alliance with Azerbaijan in the process of This is due to the expansion of its territory.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via a post on the Facebook page of the intercessor of the head of the Supreme Court, Olena Kondratyuk.

Vona noted that in Baku she held a meeting with the first intercessor of the head of the Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the dissolution of Bakh Ruz Mammadov i “Hi colleagues,” she said.

The People’s Deputy said that the dissolution of the deoccupied territories is “that humanitarian cry that unites Ukraine and Azerbaijan.”

“This is our common problem, which, unfortunately, leads to early casualties among the population of both countries,” said Kondratyuk.

So, according to experts, through the legacy of Russian aggression, Ukraine today is the greatest replacement power in the world. Unsafe 174 thousand. square kilometers of Ukrainian territory, 5.6 million hectares of land were replaced.

In this regard, Kondratyuk added that this is also a “serious problem” for Azerbaijan.

“From 2022 to 2024, 134 thousand hectares of land were cleared and over 67 thousand mines of unsafe items were excavated. This work was especially strengthened after the new deoccupation of the Karabakh region,” appears in the people's deputy's publication.

So, the representative For the sake of appreciation, Azerbaijan “for the significant and practical assistance to Ukraine, which we perceive in the process of humanitarian change.”

“Azerbaijan will conduct trainings from demining. We are also directly recruiting women for this process. The production of current machines for demining has been established. Recently, Azerbaijan transferred one of them, for the purpose of exterminating anti-anti-contaminant mines, to Ukraine. Infection with technology “I’m working in Kharkiv region,” the politician said.< /p>

They also went to Baku with plans to give Ukraine a machine for the deployment of anti-tank mines.

“We are already insurable for the destruction of the DSNS and the Agency from the dismantling. For the expansion of assistance that Azerbaijan is hoping for om for purification of Ukrainian land from deadly mines,” Kondratyuk said.

The process of dissolution in Ukraine

It is likely that through the large-scale invasion of Russian occupiers in Ukraine and active fighting – the greatness of the territory is being recorded vibukhonesafe objects. We are talking about about 25% of the territory of Ukraine, which is obstructed by mines, shells, and other unsafe materials.

In Ukraine, a Corps of Deminers was previously created, which can work in the emerging world. Iyskih zagarbniki territories.

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