• 18/06/2024 06:14

In Odessa, three people died due to an enemy ballistic attack

There is damage to civilian infrastructure in the city.

In Odessa, three people were killed due to an enemy ballistic attack

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Shortly before midnight, the Russians struck Odessa with two ballistic missiles. Previously, Iskanders with a cluster warhead were used again.

According to the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration Oleg Kiper, three people were killed as a result of the attack. Three more were wounded and are receiving medical attention. There is damage to civilian infrastructure.

Information about casualties and destruction was confirmed by mayor Gennady Trukhanov.

  • On Monday, the Russians attacked Odessa with an Iskander, five people were killed, more than 30 were wounded.
  • One of the victims was the vice-rector of the International Humanitarian University Boris Vasiliev.
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