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Demarche against “foreign agents”: what is to be seen at the protests in Tbilisi

Demarche against “foreign agents”: what can be seen at the protests in T bіlіsі

Evenings On Tuesday, 30 April, new mass protests against the law on “foreign agents” broke out near the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Thousands of people blocked the opening of parliament, did not let deputies out, and began to build barricades. Between the protesters and the security forces, the essence was traversed, and the wounded and hidden.

What is known about the current protests in Tbilisi through the scandalous law – read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

For the original material Data were collected from the portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, the online news site “Georgia News”, Publika, as well as local publics.

People began to gather in the center of the capital around 18:00, blocking the avenue Shota Rustaveli .

The protesters blocked all exits from the Georgian parliament and blocked the corridor for the destruction of deputies as they supported the bill on “foreign agents.” In the middle there were already military special duties.

Around 19:30, the police, out of stagnation, forcibly cleared the territory from the entrance to the parliament on Shio Chitadze Street, where politicians and activists held a sit-in tsіyu.

So the security forces brought the water cannon to readiness. Deputies of the ruling party appeared at the parliament courtyard and began to shout “Slaves!” Some of the protesters went straight to the police department.

This year, on Chitadze Street, violent protests began between protesters and law enforcement officers.

At about 20:00, special forces gathered special equipment into the quarter. At the back entrance to the parliament they sprayed pepper spray, and gas was released along David Chichinadze Street. Vinikli zhorstki sutuchki.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that proportional force was put in place against the protesters, the stench was violating the rules of peaceful assembly.

Swedish aid doctors, who were in the ordinary quarter, reported that they had given medical aid 20 victims of the protests will be suffered. What’s more, people were brutalized by scargas, hurting their eyes and suffocating them.

About 21:30 on Rustaveli Avenue they released slimy gas against the protesters. Participants in the rally began to set up barricades.

The President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, in her statement called for the dissolution of the protest in Tbilisi.

“It is good to see that the protest was peaceful, there was no insecurity, no threat to order it was not. It is shameful that you are relying on youth. , if you claim nationality, it is disgraceful that you appeal to religion, or promote violence in the hour of the “Holy Tyzhni”,” according to the statement of the head of state.

Yearly Zurabishvili came out with a new application.

“Tbilisi has an absolutely unjustified, unprovoked and disproportionate force against the peaceful protesters. The responsibility lies with the authorities. The right of the Georgian people to peaceful protest is denied,” she said.

After the night special Having tried to no avail, quadruple the rally with water cannons .

After 2:00 ZMI reported that special forces had begun to take over Rustaveli Avenue.

The organizers planned to continue the action on Wednesday, 1 herb.

The affected people

During the hour of protests, security forces detained and took away from an unknown source the leader of the opposition party “United National Movement” Levan Khabeishvili. The politician stopped making contact, and his phone number was unavailable for several years.

A year ago, Publika published a photo of the leader of the political party with serious beatings in public.

Significantly , that the “United National Movement” is a Georgian political party that was the ruling party from 2004-2012, during the presidency of its leader Mikheil Saakashvili.

The Georgian Ministry of Health informed about the three policemen who were injured during the protest in parliament, and they were hospitalized. The department did not inform about the number of injured participants in the action.

Scandalous law about “foreign agents”

17th quarter The Georgian parliament praised the bill “about foreign agents” for the first time it read it. Much of this provision is very similar to the law that is in force in Russia.

After such a decision by parliamentarians in Tbilisi, mass protests erupted, the participants calling on them not to vote for the document from another reader.

The President Georgian Salome Zurabishvili stressed that while praising the bill in general, it is not in its favor.

In the European Union they criticized the law and made it clear that it could affect the country’s prospects for membership sleepiness.

The European Parliament praised the resolution and criticized the document. In Brussels, they noted that it could become a threat to Georgia’s accession to the EU.

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