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Ukraine can borrow seven Patriot systems from allies, – Kuleba

The Foreign Minister told reporters that he has moved to a style of “tough diplomacy” on air defense.

Ukraine can borrow seven Patriot systems from allies, - Kuleba

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Dmitry Kuleba gave an interview to The Washington Post, in which he explained the reason for the transition to tougher rhetoric on the supply of air defense systems to Ukraine.

According to the official, “soft and quiet diplomacy did not work,” so other methods had to be used negotiations “We tried everything we could, and nothing worked. I understand that they might hate me,” Kuleba told reporters.

The minister noted that there are at least 100 Patriot batteries that could be transferred to Ukraine, and at least four countries could do so immediately. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is focused on obtaining seven systems. For this purpose, the department is even ready to negotiate the transfer of air defense for temporary use with a promise to return it at the request of the party that agrees to such a lease.

“I'm banging my head against the wall, although as a diplomat I have to dismantle it brick by brick. Such diplomacy doesn't work. I just don't understand why this (transfer of air defense systems – ed.) isn't happening,” he concluded interview with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Kuleba had a conversation with his British colleague David Cameron about Patriot systems for Ukraine.
  • Germany volunteered to look for air defense batteries for our state.
  • The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, also promised to intensify the search for a Patriot for Ukraine.


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