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RF should be used before skin shooting. Gumenyuk named the “forerunner” of mass attacks in Ukraine

Ahead of the skin-massive night missile-drone attack, Russia launches missiles into combat onosiy. This is typical of the enemy's tactics.

This was stated by the official of the joint press center of the Operational Command “Pivden” Natalia Gumenyuk, informs RBC-Ukraine from the broadcast of the telethon.

Behind these words , this night the aggressor again demonstrated the characteristic sign-precursor of a missile-drone attack – the entry into combat of an underwater missile carrier.

“This has already become a sign, we are wary of every time, when a massive attack begins – for battle ovomu cherguvanni s “It is a missile carrier. We did not immediately notice that there were launches from the sea, but the very fact of such a launch is a characteristic sign of the tactics of the Russians,” she said.

Behind these words, this may be directly related to the pinkishness PPO forces are strong.

Large-scale attack on Ukraine

I guess, in the evening of the 10th quarter, the Russians launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine with Shahed-type drones. The drones attacked the southern, central and outlying regions.

In addition, the French aggressor launched missiles at Ukraine in the 11th quarter.

The Kharkov region suffered at least nine casualties, for Fixed outages light.

In addition, the enemy was raised by the low-profile MiG-31K, which launched aeroballistic missiles “Kindzhal” in the Lviv region with winged missiles.

Terminov and important information I'm not talking about the war Read Russia versus Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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