• 18/06/2024 17:35

The enemy attacked Ukraine with cruise missiles, UAVs and Daggers (updated)

The Air Force reported launch maneuvers of enemy strategic aviation.

The enemy attacked Ukraine with cruise missiles, UAVs and

The Air Force Command reported that Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers performed launch maneuvers. According to updated data, there were 9 aircraft in the air. Cruise missile threat announced.

Also, as of 4 a.m. in Kyiv, the attack by the occupiers using attack drones continues in many regions of Ukraine. All “martyrs”, according to information from the Air Force, are heading for the event.

Update 4:43: “martyrs” in the southern suburbs of Kyiv report on the work of air defense forces.

Update 4:58: the first missiles in Ukrainian airspace, heading towards Mirgorod, Poltava region.

Update 5:04: ballistic threat to Kharkov, cruise missiles from the Chernigov region on a southwestern course.

Update 5:13 : cruise missiles north of Kyiv. Kharkov is under massive ballistic fire.

Update 5:19: missiles in the Kiev region are heading west. A new group through the Sumy region towards the Poltava region.

Update 5:32: cruise missiles in the Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions, the attack of the “martyrs” was repulsed.

Update 5:44: The Air Force reported the takeoff of 3 MiG-31K aircraft, there is a threat of “Daggers”. In Kharkov, according to Mayor Igor Terekhov, the infidels were aiming at energy facilities; the metro will not work in the coming hours.

Update 5:50: cruise missiles in the western regions, heading towards Lviv region.

Update 5:57: 4 MiG-31Ks are in the air, Kinzhal launches are reported towards the western regions.

Update 6:04: “Daggers” and cruise missiles towards Stryi, Lviv region.

Update 6:49: threat cleared.


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