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In Ukraine, a new status may be introduced for the substitution of “exchanged adjective”. What do we know?

In Ukraine, the replacement of a “boundary clause” can provide a new status. However, what will be spelled out in the new order of the VLK is not yet known.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement to the BBC.

So, at the end of the day The BBC asked the Department of Health and Safety of Ukraine to inform that the changes to the order were transferred to five statuses. And the same:

  • unacceptable before military service with exclusion from military service;
  • unacceptable with re-examination after 6-12 months;
  • urgently unattainable, which will require treatment, releases and recovery (this category was previously); their mortgages and settings.

The very category of “adverbs before service”, as indicated in the article, in the singing parts, is what can replace the status of “interchanged adverbs.”

The new order is breaking down

At the same time, as stated by the Air Force, although deputies praised the new law, the Ministry of Defense has not yet issued the new order No. 402 about VLK. That’s why doctors still don’t have any criteria for how to differentiate between adverbial and non-adverbial clauses. And the higher qualification indicated can still be seen as a proposition in the context of changes, since what will be in the new order about VLK is still unknown.

It is significant that the new order of the Ministry of Defense is disseminated simultaneously with the head doctors of the ZSU, experts of the Ministry of Health, and large organizations. The final provisions of the law state that the ministry lasts for three months.

What will change after updating the order

After updating the list of illnesses, as the Air Force writes, some of these, some before buv is surrounded by an adverbial adjective.

“Also one can assume that there will be few such people, because the whole world is critically rejecting people. People are no longer recognized surrounded by adverbial adjectives, but one can recognize adverbial adjectives only for service in safe, TCC, sporudah, etc.,” the journalists admit.

In the spring of 2023, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, ordered the regulation of the term “independent accessory” for mobilization.

Literally unmerciful but the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed Law No. 3621-IX, which , zokrema, transfers skasuvannya to the status of “circumscribed appendage”. At Zv'yazku Zim, Ukraine, Yaki wounded Bulovy Vesznani, they were dinished, Zobovs had to go through a repeated honey-groom for 9 fierce 2025 Rock. After the by-laws are brought into conformity with the new law, Order No. 402 about the VLK is also suspended. Until then, the military-medical commissions will not be able to act according to the norms of project No. 10313.

For days it has been known that in Ukraine there is an overflow of medical diagnoses, in order to regulate the nutritional system bathtub status “enclosed”

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