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Ukraine is planning to release enough shells until the end of the year, – Shmigal

Ukraine is aware that, having already begun the war, the allies will hand over enough artillery Iyskih shells. Zokrem, it will be possible to initiate any kind of initiative in the Czech Republic.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal announced this at a press conference about an hour before visiting Luxembourg, reports RBC-Ukraine in a post to The Guardian.

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“We are confident that this Czech initiative (to purchase shells for Ukraine – ed.), before Luxembourg arrives, will help us, and starting from the knighthood we will have enough ammunition for streaming our line to the front “, – the prime minister said.

Vin also clarified that Ukraine is insuring for the supply of missiles with a distant and medium radius. This is necessary in order to destroy the logistics of the Russians in the rapidly occupied territories.

“This is as important as artillery shells for us,” the head emphasized to the guard.

Initiative of the Czech Republic

Guess mo, sche Last month, Czech President Petr Pavel announced that his country had acquired 800 thousand shells for Ukraine from the European Union. Ale for such postpenes to know the fіnancuvannnya.

Off, Berezni Zmi wrote about those, for the Supervision of the shells to our Zakhisians of the Country Vidili Vyzhas Nechadni Groshі.

11 birch Pavel clarifying. The delivery of shells to Ukraine may last for many years.

It is significant that Ukrainian soldiers will not receive any artillery shells. Through this, it is becoming increasingly important to stem the attacks of the Russian occupiers. Recently, ZSU fighters had the opportunity to withdraw from Avdiivka and several other settlements.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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