• 19/04/2024 01:40

Ukraine will be able to use F-16s to attack Russian territory – Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General confirmed that military targets outside Ukraine are legitimate.

F-16 pilot

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with Radio Liberty that Ukraine will have the right to use F fighters -16 for the destruction of Russian military facilities – including those located outside our state.

According to him, Ukraine is opposed to aggressive war, therefore it has the right to self-defense, which makes military targets on the territory of the Russian Federation legitimate.< /p>

Stoltenberg also said that all allies would like to provide Ukraine with aircraft as soon as possible, but agreed that in order to increase the influence of the F-16 on the course of the war, a sufficient level of training of pilots and good training of personnel who will provide technical support are a prerequisite fighter support.

  • The United States reported that the first group of 4 Ukrainian pilots will complete training on the F-16 by the summer.
  • The exact date of the transfer of the long-awaited aircraft to Ukraine will not be made public for security reasons.
  • The Netherlands will transfer six more F-16s to the Ukrainian Armed Forces than planned – namely 24 units.


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