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Remote detection system: NATO supports Ukrainian development

Assistant Minister of Economy of Ukraine Igor Bezkaravainy said that NATO supports the project creation of effective remote detection systems min and shells that did not swell.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its communications to the Ministry of Economy.

NATO supports the “MinesEye” project. The system is designed to detect the presence of vibrating unsafe objects. As part of the testing, researchers conducted over 100 aeromagnetic surveys. Further work on the project will allow us to refine the technology, expand its capabilities and increase its efficiency

“Development and advancement in the sphere of industrial activity of innovation is one of the keys to the perfect cleansing of the territory Last year, the Ministry of Economy jointly with the Ministry of Defense and the DSNS organized testing new technologies in real minds, and together with the Kiev School of Economics launched an acceleration program for projects in the area of ​​​​exploitation,” said the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Igor Bezkaravainy.

Idea on lie to Ukrainian retailers. It will be obtained from foreign and foreign scientists, prothymine activity operators (PMD), and DSNS fahivci.

“It is important that the assessment of Ukrainian distributors on the international market n.Perekonaniy, which, with the support of our international partners, is highly technologically advanced and practical “that is an effective product that is still in use in Ukraine,” adding Bezkaravainy.

Previously, we reported that according to the UN, a third of the territory of Ukraine is littered with mines and ammunition that have not exploded.

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