• 18/04/2024 18:54

US Department of Defense inspector: there is no support plan for weapons transferred to Ukraine

This may prevent the Armed Forces from maintaining the proper operation of a number of equipment.

US Department of Defense Inspector: There is no support plan for weapons transferred to Ukraine

Patriot complex

General Statement Office claims that the Pentagon transferred weapons to Ukraine without a long-term maintenance plan. We are talking about Bradley and Stryker armored vehicles, Abrams tanks and Patriot air defense systems.

The lack of a support plan threatens the ability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to maintain the transferred equipment in proper condition and reliably use it for a long time. The inspector also noted that the United States provided Ukraine with a limited amount of spare parts, ammunition and technical support for weapons and did not implement a system that would make such supplies thoughtful.

The opinion also states that “the Department of Defense is working on a weapons support plan, but the lack of forward thinking on this issue is concerning and requires immediate correction.”

  • The Pentagon says that will continue to provide Ukraine with weapons when Congress votes on $60 billion in financial support for our state.
  • Defense Minister Rustem Umerov and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky had a telephone conversation with Pentagon head Lloyd Austin.


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