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Experts found the confiscation of frozen assets of the Russian Federation legal, – Bloomberg

A group of legal experts is committed to the legal confiscation of frozen Russian assets.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

The European Union, the Great Britain and Australia froze approximately 260 billion euros (280 billion dollars) from the view of valuable papers There are also preparations, and more than two-thirds of them are blocked in the EU.

Ten international law experts from seven countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA) signed a sheet addressed to the G7 countries. You will have to file a lawsuit to seize certain assets.

“We have reached a resolution that is consistent with international law for powers that have frozen Russian state assets, so that it would be legal to accept additional counter-attacks against Russia, which would protect its violation of the most fundamental norms of international law, so it concerns the form of transfer of Russian sovereign assets as compensation for harm, which was a direct result of Russia’s illegal behavior,” the experts wrote.

Among those who signed the sheet:

  • Harold Hongju Koh, professor at the School of Law at the University of Elsewhere Dean, who was also the legal adviser to the US Department of State under the Obama administration,
  • Philip Zelikov from the Hoover Institution, a lawyer and a very career diplomat who has worked alongside presidents, including a strategic adviser to the Biden administration.
  • Seven of the signatories that have been lost, – several practices in the international arena rights from Europe, and one from Japan.

The list of instructions at the moment when the G7 countries discuss how to work with these assets, what will happen, the fragments of Ukraine's financial needs will lose their consistently high , and the war shows no sign of weakening.

In their opinion, lawyers recommend that the powers that have frozen their assets transfer them to an international mechanism. Then it would be possible to see deposited assets to support the program to assist Ukraine in the new one.

Possible problems

The UK and the US will join G7 allies until a direct seizure of assets to the central bank, for which Canada is open for these ideas, behind the words of official osib, aware of the discussions.

The European members of the group, especially France and Germany, are opposed to their government through legal problems and fears that could harm the stability of the euro, as well as create an unsafe precedent, officials said .

The most important thing is that Europe has the most money, and the most important thing is Belgium. The Rozrahunkova Chamber and the European Central Bank are skeptical about the right to seize assets.

The G7 countries are discussing options. Among the ideas being discussed is the choice of funds as security for obtaining a loan or as a guarantee of loans.

How to find a solution that will lead to the exact battle, which will defeat the plan for the leader ів G7 in Italy at the heart.

Previously, we wrote that the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kai Kallas, called for the transfer of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

Before the speech, we wrote that the payment of reparations to Ukraine is inappropriate – read the material RBC-Ukraine.

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