• 29/05/2024 13:26

UN representative condemned the occupiers' attack on the Dnieper

Denise Brown called the shelling of the city center “an example of disregard for human life.”

The UN representative condemned the occupiers' attack on the Dnieper

Consequences of the occupiers' attack on the Dnieper

The coordinator released a statement about the morning shelling of the center of the Dnieper and several other settlements Dnepropetrovsk region.

As the UN representative wrote on the X network, “the morning in Ukraine was not peaceful.” According to her, the occupiers' attacks on the Dnieper and Dnepropetrovsk region “bring new suffering to the Ukrainian people” and are “an example of a terrible disregard for human life.”

Ms. Brown condemned the shelling, which led to the death and injury of civilians, including children and damage to civilian infrastructure “a few days after the attack on Chernihiv.”

The UN claims that their humanitarian service worked at the site of the aftermath of the attack in the Dnieper, which helped rescuers and first responders provide everything necessary to the victims .

  • According to the latest data, as a result of the shelling in the Dnieper, eight people were killed, including a child, and at least 34 people were injured.


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