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In Croatia, the Constitutional Court defended the dignified president as prime minister in the future

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic is now barred from becoming prime minister in the future . It is hoped that the center-left party will be able to gain more after the parliamentary elections that took place this year.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the AP.

Ran The ruling center-right Croatian Democratic Union ( CDU) having taken away the largest number of votes based on the results of the races, but it is still not enough to remain independent in parliament. Even though Milanovic's Social Democratic Party has settled in another city, it is also trying to create a coalition in the 151-member parliament.

Just a few days ago, just a few years after the elections were called for the 17th quarter, Milanovic filed an uncontested statement about those running for prime minister.

Last month, the Constitutional Court preceded him, that it is my fault to stop drinking insertion, but the respectable head of the state, ignoring the advances.

“The Constitutional Court found that by his statements and behavior the president… having placed himself in such a position that he cannot be appointed prime minister of the upcoming a number of , not the upcoming Prime Minister,” is decided by the Constitutional Court of the region.

With their help from Milanovic, the SDP party declared that the Constitutional Court has no right to oppose the will of the people, and that the upcoming parliament can appoint whoever it wants as the next prime minister.

“The elections are over , and significant will the people, not the judges,” Milanovic said at a press conference.

Varto note that Milanovic criticizes the EU policy prior to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Theoretically, if we had formed the order, it could potentially open up space for strengthening the pro-Russian influx into the region, similar to the Ugric and Slovak region, write AP.

The Constitutional Court declared that Milanovic cannot immediately become prime minister. minister, as soon as he resigned from the post of president to take a new position. Some opposition politicians insisted that the court is controlled by the ruling conservatives.

It is clear that presidential elections may be held in Croatia before the end of the day.

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