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Under bomb embargo, Israel is taking away a lot of other weapons from the US – Reuters

Despite the suppression by the administration of the US President, one batch of bombs, Izra Should other types of American investments continue to be eliminated? billions of dollars.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

A member of the Senate Committee on International Affairs, Republican Jim Risch, noted that if the US government transfers bombs worth tens of millions of dollars, Israel may find a wide range of other military equipment. Among them are high direct impact ammunition (JDAMS), which transforms “blank” bombs into high-precision armor, as well as tank shells, mortars and armored tactical vehicles.

According to Rish, this ammunition does not pass through the process hardening so shvidko, yak mali b. Having noticed that some of them are working from the chest, while helping Israel, as a rule, go through the process of reviewing several years.

Just now Gregory Meeks, a senior Democrat on the Committee on the Front Right of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, has slowed down the transfer to Israel of a package that will save $18 billion, which will accommodate dozens of Boeing Co. F-15 aircraft. In particular, he is looking for additional information about how Israel itself will be victorious.

Rich and Meeks are two of the four American legislators who see great benefits from the sale of goods for Don For such actions in Congress, the head and member of the Committee in the outer right of the Senate, as well as the head and member of the Committee in the outer right of the House of Representatives, are appointed.

They don't want part of the spending package signed by Biden, which transfers $26 billion to support Israel and provide humanitarian assistance.

Senator Chris Murphy, head of the subcommittee from international exchanges at the Close Gathering of the Democratic Party parties, – Reuters reported that Rafah was worried about his future share.

“I don’t think it’s in our strategic or moral interests to help Israel carry out a campaign in Rafah, which would most likely result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and is unlikely to interfere with the long-term power of Hamas,” he said. in.

Problems with the supply of American Zbro in the izra

the defense of the defense of izhlya, the Rospochati surgery on the Terenes of the Mista Rafach at the pyvdenniy part of the Gaza sector, the Schob resisted Terorist Ruhu Hamas. The Israeli military has already spent its first lives up to this point.

Leaders of the United States and low countries of Europe condemned these plans due to the great number of casualties among civilians.

Days of the USA ordered the transfer of a batch of bombs to Israel, Which army can be used for attacks on Rafah.

Joe Biden also announced a reduction in the supply of other types of armor for Israel, as the IDF launched a separate operation in Rafah.

Surprisingly, Israel announced its readiness there is a supply combat operations in the Gaza Strip will continue without the support of foreign allies.

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