• 23/06/2024 01:16

The Russian army lost almost 16 thousand pieces of equipment in Ukraine

Military analysts counted 2 thousand destroyed tanks and more than 500 captured.

The Russian army lost almost 16 thousand units of equipment in Ukraine

A Ukrainian tanker in the Donetsk region will be taken to damage military equipment during a full-scale war in Ukraine, announced study on Russian casualties.

For more than two years of invasion, the occupiers lost almost 16 thousand pieces of equipment in one way or another. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed or captured at least three thousand tanks.

Military experts say that 2 thousand of them turned into scrap metal, more than 500 were handed over to the Ukrainian army without damage, 329 were abandoned by the enemy on the battlefield , and 156 needed repairs. Most of them were tanks of the T-72 and T-80 models.

Also, the occupying army was left without 1,321 armored combat vehicles, almost four thousand infantry fighting vehicles, 431 armored personnel carriers, 109 aircraft, 137 helicopters, 24 ships and submarines.

A feature of the Oryx project is that only those vehicles for which there is photo or video evidence of destruction or capture are included in the list.

Ukraine's losses, according to their calculations, are three times less: 5,679 units of equipment, of which 808 are tanks.

  • NATO is convinced that two-thirds of Russian tanks were destroyed using FPV drones.



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