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Britain will not stop exporting weapons to Israel through operation in Rafah, – Cameron

Great Britain will not repeat the White House’s commitment to force the export of certain species to Israel, as the IDF to continue the large-scale invasion of Rafah.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Relations of Great Britain, David Cameron, informing RBC-Ukraine in a message to Politico.

Speaking at the four in London, he stated that Britain “does not support any great operation in Rafah, since there is no clear plan to kidnap people and ruin their lives.

“We did not have such a plan, so in these circumstances we would not support a great operation in Rafah,” Cameron said.

At the same time, in his words, there is a “very fundamental difference” between the supply of armor from the USA and Great Britain, and the British government provides individual licenses to companies that want to export ammunition abroad.

< p>“The USA is the great power leader of the world” to Israel. We have no sovereign supplies of armor to Israel from the side of Great Britain. We have low licenses, and I think that our defense exports to Israel will become significantly less than one hundred percent of their foreign obligations. “This is a great difference,” Cameron said. .

The minister also said that it would be “very important” for Great Britain to comply with the “harsh” export procedures.

The question is that US President Biden will not have mercy for hanging such cruel minds on Israel, Britain’s top diplomat ї відповів , which Israel is heavily benefiting from strategic nutrition.

“They are deeply involved in the strategic and tactical discussions that the Israelis are conducting about how they are following up this conflict. We have an influx, we have agents, we have even in contact with the Israelis , but we’re not in the same situation,” – said Cameron.

The head of the British Ministry of Health, huddled with the side of the members of parliament, with the help of his ruling party, with a possible reduction in exports to Israel.

Previously, Cameron insisted that Britain and its allies were “making great progress” with the British government, and Israel will help the Gaza Strip more, bringing it “close to creating and running a time-travel haven.” He also stated that Hamas is guilty of releasing more than 100 Israeli guarantors since the attack on Israel on the 7th.

US decline to transfer military equipment to Israel

Israeli army I am ready to launch the military operation in the town of Rafah near the abandoned part of the Gaza Strip , but we are still wary of the terrorism of the radical movement Hamas. The area is home to approximately 1.7 million people, many of whom are refugees from other areas of the Gaza Strip as a result of shelling.

During the days of the military, Israel buried the Palestinian border at the Rafah checkpoint “.

Due to the massive offensive on the ground, the United States has been delaying the delivery of a batch of bombs to Israel for days, as the IDF may have forgotten and caused the death of civilians.

President Biden is also threatening to delay the delivery of Brothers to Israel, since its army is more important than the operation in Rafah .

Prem'r-Min) Izrai Benyamin Netanyagua, Shcho Kraina is ready to voyuvati without the US Pail. /em>RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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