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In the occupied Mariupol, vibukhas grimaced

In the occupied Mariupol of the Donetsk region this late evening, 9 May, a series of vibrations erupted. Previously, it was involved in a huge confectionery factory, where Russian zarbniki are based.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with the dispatch to the Mariupol City Council and the Radnik of the city of Peter Andryushchenko.

< p>In Mariupolsk The city publicized photos of the place where they were standing and said that Russian propaganda is calling the vibrations “zadmlennyam” in the center of the place and they say about “ushkodzhenya.”

In addition, at the site of the evening “bavovka” straight cars were burned and added to the city.

The occupation publics themselves write about “ATACMS strikes”. In addition, there is a call to the residents of the place directly to the crooks, because “missiles may fall.”

De “arrival”

As Andryushchenko respects, the event could have been in the square: Metalurhiv Avenue – Mitropolitska Street – Nielsen Street.

“The epicenter is in a large confectionery factory, on which the occupiers have been based for a long time. They were based. A Swedish relief carriage has already entered the territory of the confectionery,” he said.

Later Andryushchenko added that a new vibukh appeared near the Primorsky district Mariupol or Mariupol region.

Vibukhs in Mariupol

It seems likely that in the last hour in this place, occupied by Russian firemen, various vibrations have become more frequent. The propagandists themselves often call fire incidents “smoking” or attribute them to those that are “hot komish.”

So, it was previously reported that on the 24th of the night in Mariupol there was a series of strong vibrations c. The most obvious reason is the possibility of “addictions”. And literally the day before, there was also a severe fire in the area, which happened after the melting tides.

Additionally, recently representatives of the Atesh Resistance Forces announced that the occupiers, apparently, through the fear of new attacks by ATACMS missiles, are actively move your equipment from Mariupol, which they are trying to seize.

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